Experience Freestyle

Communication is Essential
Freestyle understands that communication is an essential ingredient to make your experience with us flawless. From your initial consultation, to design, construction, and project management, Freestyle is completely dedicated to making your experience with us an easy and enjoyable one.

Here’s What You Can Expect
While every project is different, the general process of design and construction is similar. Here’s what you can expect after you contact Freestyle.

  1. One of Our Expert Designers Will Visit You at Your Home
    This initial meeting is where we will gather vital information about what you want to accomplish. You relay your wants, needs, budget, and concerns. We listen carefully so that we can seamlessly incorporate your dreams and your vision into an elegant and functional backyard paradise.
  2. Your Custom Design
    We take this information and other pertinent variables and create a custom design for you. All Freestyle designers use state-of-the-art computer drawings and advanced 3D modeling software so you will be able to see what it will look like in amazing detail. You will also have the opportunity to discuss and decide on further options, details, and features. We will review the plan with you and make any modifications or adjustments necessary.
  3. Visit Our Showroom
    When you are completely satisfied with the design, we will finalize the drawing and submit it to permitting. If you haven’t been to our showroom yet, now would be an ideal time to visit. Freestyle has a wide selection of materials for you to choose from. We keep our showroom filled with everything from the classic to the contemporary. If you’re not sure what direction to go in, one of our expert material coordinators will gladly assist you.
  4. Meticulous Details
    When we receive the permit back from your municipality, we will review it with meticulous scrutiny. A production meeting will be held, with the construction manager, production manager and owners of Freestyle, where every aspect and detail of your project will be reviewed. This production meeting allows for a smooth transition from the design to the construction phase.
  5. Meeting with Your Construction Manager
    We will coordinate with you to meet your construction manager. During this meeting, you will become familiarized with the construction process and receive direct contact information for your construction and project manager. This sets the stage for communication during the rest of the project. Whether you prefer email or phone calls, we will keep you informed and answer your questions as promptly as possible. You will also get a copy of the Freestyle “Customer Care Manual” which is loaded with useful information about each phase of the construction process.
  6. Orientation
    When your project is finished and you’re ready to enjoy it, you will receive a thorough orientation with our trained technician. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime you have a question or concern. We will always be just a phone call away.

We Go Above and Beyond. Period!