Fall In LOVE With Your Backyard Again!

Let Freestyle re-create your backyard paradise. Whether you want a simple touch-up or a complete renovation, we have what it takes to make the process easy and affordable. Freestyle's experienced design professionals will assist you in choosing the best remodeling plan for your situation.

  1. Install new waterline tile introducing bright colors or an updated pattern.
  2. Replace the original coping edge with a modern material such as bullnose brick or tumbled marble.
  3. Remove an unsightly ladder and install a swim-out.
  4. Change your pool's interior to a beautiful, durable pebble finish.
  5. Add a beautiful spa to your pool. It can be built completely in-ground, or you can raise it up a little for a dramatic spillover effect.
  6. Reshape your pool or modify the depth to suit your needs.
  7. Add a swim-up bar just like you enjoyed at your favorite vacation get away.
  8. Put a piece of nature in your backyard with a flowing waterfall cascading into your pool.
  9. Modernize the equipment with energy efficient pumps, filters and state of the art water purification technology.
  10. Install automated controls that will allow you to operate all of the pool and spa functions from inside the house or even from your computer at work.
  11. Install an outdoor kitchen or Tiki bar to compliment your poolside lifestyle
  12. Update or refresh your landscaping to compliment your project.

Call us today for a free consultation and see for yourself why Freestyle is Tampa Bay's choice for pool renovation.

Before & After Shots

This was a magnificent transformation.  Three natural stone waterfalls were built to flow into the black pebble interior. For a more dramatic effect, the spillover on the spa was widened to harmonize with the two new splash pools. "Antique Ivory" coping around the perimeter of the pool was installed to blend with the travertine deck.  

"My expectations for craftsmanship and quality of materials are very high.  You are exceeding my dreams! "
Dan, Seminole

The main focus was to create a contemporary look and add seating around the pool.  The rear elevation of the pool was raised to accommodate a beautiful three-tiered waterfall.  New "Silver" marble deck and coping complimented the "Ivory" tile and "White Pearl" pebble interior.

"A remarkable experience with your company and we have no reservations in recommending your company for any kind of pool work" 
Bill, Largo

An inviting spillover spa was added to this pool.  The one-inch stone tile and "Ivory" marble integrated with the new "Natural" interior.  Automated controls were added to easily operate the pool and spa functions from inside the house.   

Lush landscaping replaced the boring white privacy wall.  The pool was reshaped; a bench and sunshelf were added and natural rock complimented the spa.  A waterfall and travertine deck enhanced the new "Tropical Breeze" pebble interior.

This tired pool was given a complete makeover including energy efficient equipment; chlorine salt generator, and automation system.  "Caribbean Blue" pebble interior, "Walnut" tumbled marble and majestic blue waterline tiles were excellent options to blend with the attractive new landscaping.

"It is truly a Tropical Paradise.  Your staff is absolutely standout in your industry."
Joy and Jack, Clearwater

Natural flagstone was chosen for the pool coping, spa addition, and deck to beautifully stage the new landscaping.  The "Tahoe Blue" interior enhanced the new tropical backyard. Energy efficient equipment, including an automated system, was also added.

"We have been so impressed with every individual from Freestyle that worked with us - that helped make our backyard into a tropical oasis!"
Ron and Caren, Clearwater Beach