Why people are choosing custom-made pools

We are pretty direct with your customers when we say swimming pools are a significant investment – not only in terms of money, but in terms of time. It’s certainly a worthwhile one as you’re creating a space that will bring you and your family enjoyment and better overall health. 

However because of that – you should have something that’s uniquely yours. That reflects your wants and needs. That can fit into your lifestyle and schedule – a pool that will be more of a boon than a burden. And for that reason, many homeowners are going the custom route when it comes to designing their swimming pool. 

Could you purchase a model and install it and enjoy it? Sure! But if you’re going to spend the time and the money – why not get what you really want? Today, we’re going to discuss some of the reasons you should consider a custom pool. Let’s jump right in!

Something just for you

Premade pools are a dime a dozen and not every pre-built solution is a good one for every situation. Yes – when you go the custom route – you’ll be able to choose things like the accessories, features, lights and all the good stuff. But more importantly you’ll be able to maximize everything else around it. Instead of blowing your yard to bits and overwhelming the space you have – you’ll have something that helps maintain the area around the pool and give you a solution that fits neatly into its parameters. 

No need to worry about permitting

Custom pool builders will help you cover all the legalities of installing your pool – from permits and licenses and the like. This in and of itself is a huge relief for families as working through the red tape and paperwork can be a major headache for families. They’ll also be well-versed in your area’s regulations and standards and you can rest assured knowing your pool will be up to code and meet all the extremely important safety standards it needs to. 

It’s more cost effective

I know this sounds a little preposterous on its face, but it’s true! While you may incur more up-front costs in terms of design and installation – it’s actually going to end up saving you a ton of money down the road. From lighting, to heating and maintenance costs- there’s a lot more expense to a pool than the up-front – and a custom pool done right can save you significant money on all these issues in the future. 

If you’re considering a custom-made swimming pool for your home, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help you wade through the process. Until then, good luck!

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