Common mistakes people make before installing their swimming pool

Purchasing and installing a swimming pool is a great idea; but as people who do this every day, we see lots of people who sometimes make some severe mistakes – or are considering owning a pool for the wrong reasons. And obviously as a business, while everyone wants to make money – swimming pools are a significant investment – not just in terms of money – but of your time as well!

Today, we’re going to share some of those mistakes and misguided thoughts in hopes that it helps you make a better, more informed decision when you’re ready to purchase a pool. Let’s jump right in! 

Poor design

Design means a lot when it comes to installing a pool. Everyone loves something that’s different and ‘something different’ is somewhat of a specialty of ours; but having a clear understanding of the materials you like, size, scope and even how much shade you want is important. Not only does it have to be something aesthetically pleasing – it also needs to be functional and sustainable. Maintaining your pool is a significant expense in terms of both money and your own time!

Not understanding materials

If we notice issues in the design phase – it’s almost always rooted in a client’s ability to understand materials, how they work and what their benefits, costs and detractors are. But most specifically – the materials you choose will have by far the biggest impact on how your pool is maintained and the cost to both install it and care for it. 

Not considering your climate

This is a big one we as swimming pool contractors deal with in Oldsmar, FL. While you might have a certain set of materials in mind, they might not be the best overall, long term fit for where you live and the climate you reside in. Especially if you reside in an area where there’s frequent ground freeze or earthquakes, you’ll want to have some more involved discussions with your contractor. 

Cutting corners

Everyone wants to save money but at a point the question becomes ‘but at what cost?’ Look inflation is rampant and everything’s more expensive. We all get it and are shouldering this burden together. But what’s cheaper up front is almost always more expensive down the road. It can be an outright detriment to a project if you’re cutting corners on things like quality based on money. Work within your budget – but don’t work with a budget that’s not big enough to help you take care of problems you’ll see down the road up-front. 

Hopefully today’s blog was helpful. If you’re looking for an Oldsmaar pool contractor, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then – good luck!

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