Why are people flocking to saltwater pools?

So saltwater pools aren’t necessarily our specialty, but they are something we get asked about a TON, so with that in mind – we figured we’d tell our readers what exactly is up with saltwater pools, a couple of reasons people like them and why one might be the best option for you. 

Believe it or not, Saltwater pools have been around for a long time – and got really popular in Australia as early as the 1960s. They didn’t really catch on here until the 80s but with so much time to swallow up market share; chlorine pools are certainly more of the norm here whereas in Australia they make up about 80% of all swimming pools. 

While they aren’t as popular as their chlorinated brethren, they are well past gaining a foothold and are becoming an increasingly popular alternative. Here’s why:

It’s kinda swanky!

A common misconception about saltwater pools is that they are like swimming in the ocean which it’s not. Saltwater pools have a fraction of the salt in them that the ocean does. HOWEVER – saltwater pools feel far more like a natural body of water and won’t make your skin feel as clammy and dried out as a chlorine pool will. The truth is the saltwater is much more in line with the salinity found in our cells – so it feels much more natural. 

Salt Water pools chrloronate differently

A HUGE benefit of owning a saltwater pool is that it chlorinated more consistently than chlorine pools. Yes, you read that right. Salt uses the process of electrolysis to generate a natural form of chlorine that once it kills bacteria actually recycles itself and turns back into salt. Rinse, wash, repeat. 

That means no more buying and chucking chlorine tablets into your pool every week. No more regular chemical treatments. No more testing your pool every five minutes. That being said – you DO still need to check your pool’s pH and alkalinity levels weekly – but it’s not nearly as involved as the process of maintaining a chlorinated pool. 


One of the reasons things take off in general is because they represent a specific value to the customer and saltwater pools are no different. Saltwater pools are more expensive up front, but you eliminate a lot of the maintenance cost of pools over the long turn. Like we said above – no more liquid chlorine, tablets and shock treatments. YOu just need pool salt. If it rains and your salt levels get knocked off balance? Just throw in a bag of pool salt and you’re off. 

If a saltwater pool sounds like something for you or if you think you’d still like to learn more – give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help you work through the decision making process. Until then – good luck!

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