Does your pool have a leak?

The concept of a swimming pool  is pretty simple to most. You build a pool, you fill it with water and you expect it to retain the water. From there you use a mix of chemicals and filtration to maintain the water and keep things safe and healthy.

That should take care of any leaking, right? Well that’s not necessarily the case. Pools lose water frequently – whether it comes from splashing and play to evaporation. But sometimes the underlying issue can be more serious and when that’s the case you’ll need the assistance of a professional.

How and why pools leak

Every swimming pool leaks – least least a little bit. There’s too much going on and too much that can happen for your pool to not lose water in some way or manner. Even concrete – which is the most common type of substance used to make a pool – is relatively porous in terms of its composition. Then once you mix in all the piping, connections and everything that goes into the filter, heater, pump and the like -there’s always a chance for leaks. Managing it is all part of owning a pool. It’s pretty normal, for the most part.

When should I be worried?

Water loss is normal and acceptable however too much water loss can be a big, red flag that there could be a serious, underlying issue afoot. The problem with significant water loss is that by the time you identify the loss, chances are you’ll already be at a point where a professionals services will be 100% required. And getting a pro in to do a serious diagnosis needs to be your #1 priority because letting it go could lead to even more problems elsewhere.

So where do I go from here?

Once a pro comes to your home they’re going to run a bunch of tests to see where the leak is coming from, how much water you’re actually losing and the like. Even two inches off the top can actually add up to a ton of water leaving your pool.

Once they diagnose the issue they’ll take action to correct the problem. Sometimes that could mean fixing the lining, filling in cracks in the concrete, addressing any potential issues with the pool’s plumbing, etc. Leaks can come from anywhere and they’re certainly not all created equal.

Now that’s the scary stuff. We want to make sure we end on a little bit more of a positive note and that’s that you shouldn’t panic if you notice leaking. Sometimes even when you do call a pro the problem isn’t a big deal. Especially in warmer climates or in swimming pools with lots of use, excessive water loss can just be part of the deal. Just keep your head on a swivel and be prepared when you notice something’s off.

Hopefully you found today’s blog helpful! If you’re noticing water loss in your pool give us a call and we can point you in the right direction. Until then – good luck!

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