How to prepare a pool for rainfall

When you live in places like Clearwater, FL where you get a decent amount of rain, you’ll need to make sure that your swimming pool is protected. As with anything you own, proper maintenance is required to safeguard the health of your swimming pool’s water quality and the integrity of the equipment. 

Today, we’re going to talk about how to maintain your pool when it rains out and share some care tips as to what to do when it does. Let’s jump right in!

What rain can do to your pool

The biggest issue with rainwater is that it contains a certain degree of acidity and what that acidity does is mess with the pH of your pool and can cause issues with the water chemistry. This can lead to algae , green water and a whole host of other significant problems that can stem from a pool who’s chemistry is out of whack.

What you can do to prevent it

When the weatherman says its going to rain, its time to take these measures to help protect your pool:

-Do a quick chemical check on your pool. Check the balance and consider changing the pH and alkalinity of the water. 

-Consider shocking your pool water or even raise the chlorine a little higher than it’s used to. When it rains, it should all balance off.

-Make sure you have a pool-safe algae killer handy. This will help prevent any potential outbreak post-rain.

-Make sure you do a quick brush on the surfaces of your pool. You should be doing this  anyway – but this will help clear and small algae particles and make sure that they flow into your filter and out of your pool. 

-Clean your filter. Once you’ve brushed, scrubbed and the like, clean out your filter. Just be sure to follow you manufacturer’s instructions when you do so. 

If you do all of this and STILL notice irregularities that you’re struggling to fix on your own, give a professional pool service a call and see if you can’t get some reinforcements. Hopefully, you found today’s blog helpful! If you need assistance in the future, don’t hesitate to reach out. Good luck!

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