How to make sure you hire a good swimming pool contractor

One of the biggest and most important decisions you’ll make about your swimming pool won’t so much be the design, depth, accessories, flair or aesthetic aspects – but rather the people who you choose to install it. Most of what makes a pool great begins with the contractor. The benefits and performance will begin with the contractor. Unfortunately, so can your pool’s problems. 

If you’re looking for a Tampa swimming pool contractor, we’ve got some tips for you today to consider when making your decision. While we won’t help solve all of your life’s problems, here – we’ll certainly give you some tools that will help make sure you don’t have to experience the worst. Let’s jump right in!


Any contractor that plays by the rules will have a permit ID number. To find it, you can go down to the respective city hall clerk’s office. This will also help verify that the contractor you’re hiring is insured in case anything goes wrong during the install – and trust us – things go wrong that are the fault of nobody – so that protection is necessary! 

Most local and state governments also have rules that you’ll have to follow – from the obvious to the completely random and inane – and a good contractor will know those rules inside out. A great way to get yourself in a whole heap of trouble literally and figuratively – is to hire a contractor who doesn’t follow local codes and takes shortcuts – because those will add up later on. 

Research and references

We’re fortunate enough to live in a time where researching a business has never been easier – and you’d be a fool to pass up the opportunity to do so in this particular case. Google, Yelp, Better business Bureau, Houzz, Next door, LinkedIn – there are so many places where you can read about and learn from other people’s experiences with a contractor. This will allow you to help read through the pretty marketing sheen on the exterior, dig under the hood and figure out what’s really going on. 

In addition – every contractor worth their salt should have references or people whom they’ve done work for in the past who will vouch for their ability. Ask for these references and call them. Now mind you – it’s important to remember – not everyone’s perfect – and we’re  not either. Even the best businesses can’t make everyone happy and you may see some not so great reviews now and then. Instead of looking with a critical eye – try to see if you notice any trends or reoccurring themes. It may be a blind spot for the business or something they don’t do well. It may not even be something project-essential and something you can live with – but it’s good in terms of setting expectations for yourself that you know what it is and what to reasonably expect.

Get everything in writing

Don’t put a single shovel in the ground until it’s in writing. Make sure your contract is reviewed, and make sure that there’s a clear scope of work, a clear budget and a timeline. Any business who does not produce a contract you should avoid working with altogether – no matter how great they look up front. Like we said before – sometimes even with the best contractors – things happen and come up that are no one’s fault. You need to make sure that you are protected. 

Hopefully you found today’s blog helpful. If you’re looking for a swimming pool contractor in the Largo, FL area, feel free to give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then – good luck! 

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