Which should you choose: A swimming pool or a spa?

Everyone has their own idea of what relaxing at home looks like. For you it might be slowly sinking yourself into a bubbling spa. For others, it might be a refreshing dip in an in-ground pool. For certain hardcores – it might be both! Whatever your grand vision may be, there’s plenty of things for you to consider when you’re grappling with the decision of whether or not to make these dreams a reality. 

Today, we’re going to talk about a few of the pros and cons of owning a pool or a spa. Truth be told – not every grand vision is realistic depending on your property, so this might be helpful in terms of figuring out which option is for you!

Let’s jump right in!

Swimming pool pros and cons

The benefits to having a swimming pool are fairly obvious. For starters, you’ll have plenty more room to swim which opens up a variety of options in how you use the space. You can take a relaxing swim to cool off, the kids can romp around or you can even swim laps and help to keep yourself in shape. And even if you’re looking for a little extra in the temperature department – you can also add an option to heat your pool.

On the downside, well, those are fairly obvious, too! For starters it takes up more room. Not every yard will be able to accommodate that kind of space. The second is that the bigger the pool, the more maintenance you’ll either have to do yourself – or pay someone else to do. And last, but not least- you may have to close your pool for a portion of the year depending on where you live – which is a whole process unto itself. But at the minimum, there will be a portion of the year where it won’t be in use. 

Spa pros and cons

Spas are a great option if you’re looking to put the hard-relaxation in relaxation. They’re cozy, warm and come with a myriad of benefits. And unlike what we just mentioned above – you’ll be able to use them year-round. They’re also easier to install and take up significantly less space. So if you’re working with a limited yard, you’ll be able to maintain some of that nice, green grass while also having a spa. 

The downsides are something worth considering however. Believe it or not – spas involved as much – and even in a few cases – more maintenance that run-of-the-mill swimming pools. They require more chemicals largely due to the higher water temperatures. The last downside is pretty obvious as well – they’re not for swimming. So if laps, cannonballs and floating on the water are higher up your priority list, you won’t find hot tubs too appealing. 

At the end of the day – it just comes down to you, your personal preferences and what you’re looking to get out of all this. And in a weird way – some of the ‘cons’ we discussed above – might actually be ‘pros’ for you depending on what your priorities are. Whichever you choose, we’re here to help. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then, we hope you found today’s blog helpful and we’ll look forward to speaking with you down the road! Good luck!

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