Homes with pools: to buy or not to buy?

Anytime someone takes the plunge and invests in a new home, it’s a significant moment in their life. More than anything, it’s important you do your homework. When the home you want to buy has a swimming pool that comes with it, that can make an already complicated question even more complex. 

So today, we’re going to give you a quick, direct pluses and negatives to purchasing a home with a swimming pool. Nothing sugar coated here and please do understand we’re a little biased! We love us some swimming pools BUT, they do come with a certain level of responsibility that some may not be willing to take on and as such, you need to go into this decision with as clear an understanding as to what you’re getting into as possible.

So here it is – the benefits and negatives to purchasing a home with a swimming pool. Let’s jump right in!

First, the not great. 

We don’t want you to go running for the hills, but people that ADD pools to their property have done their homework and are committed. For those of you buying the home before the pool, you might not be all the way there yet. So here’s what we suggest you consider (the downside) when it comes to investing in a home with a pool.

For starters, your pool will require ongoing, constant maintenance; particularly in peak seasons like the summer. You’ll also pay more on utility bills and insurance premiums as well – so the investment comes with a little extra cost both in terms of money and time. There’s also safety risks associated as well (as well as safety codes you’ll have to follow) – so if you have animals or small kids, there’s going to be some things to think about.

And certainly one of the more challenging aspects will be that although you may be willing to brave the challenge of pool ownership, others may not and when it’s your turn to sell the property, the swimming pool could turn some folks away. 

Again – we think the benefits far outweigh the negatives, but people need to know what’s involved. 

OK, so on to the good stuff

The benefits of owning a swimming pool range from value-oriented to aesthetic.

To begin with – while you MAY be limiting your market when it comes time to sell – the market you do attract will be more eager to spend. To begin with, swimming pools look gorgeous and can really make a property pop. Second, they add significant value to your home, allowing you to sell it at a higher price. IN business as they say – you can’t be everything to everybody; and this is certainly one of those things. But if your pool looks great and is properly maintained – people will pay a premium for your home if they’re ready to take on the challenge. 

Second, there’s lots of health benefits – from having an amazing workout space (swimming is incredible for weight loss and cardio) that will help you improve your physical health; to having a great social space to help with your mental health. And then let’s be honest- it’s pretty great that on a hot, muggy day, you can just throw yourself into the pool and cool down!

As you can see – there’s plenty of positives and negatives to owning a pool in your home. We hope this blog helped make a decision come into a little bit clearer focus. Until then, if you need help you can always give us a call.

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