Cool, new trends in swimming pool design

There has been a ton of advancement in not only the design and creativity in the swimming pool industry, but also a lot of new, exciting innovations in technology as well. Today, we’re going to discuss a few of the more interesting trends that have emerged in recent years and how they might be of some interest for your pool area.

Let’s jump right in!

Dark interiors

Let’s just say that aqua and lighter pool interiors have been the standard issue design for as long as pools have been a thing. There’s a reason for this, too – as at one point in time, darker pools were more difficult to maintain and didn’t really do well when it came to fighting off the long-term effects of chlorine and sunlight.

Nowadays with UV resistant coatings, these surfaces are as reliable as they’ve ever been. Choosing a darker color can give you a more natural looking, bold lagoon look. And with the right landscaping around it, it can look incredible. 

Fire features

Yeah, you read that right! Everyone likes fire! Nothing makes the mood more dramatic than combining the two elements of fire and water. When combined with water features, they can help mask the sound of traffic and increase your sense of privacy. You can get really creative with the designs, too – as there’s something for everyone – whether you’re looking for that old world charm, or something ultra-modern and sophisticated. 

Lighting features

Pool lighting systems are essential for those after-hours experiences but nowadays they’re more than the usual light under the water. You can preprogram color sequences, set the mood for a dinner party or change up angles. Best of all? You can control almost all of it from an app on your phone now. If you really want to take your pool game to the next level – ask your service pro about lighting. 

Water features

There wasn’t much in terms of water features back in the day.  In fact, you’d get water jets in jacuzzis and well, that was it. Nowadays you can get rain curtains, conces, scuppers, mists and streams to give your pool an even more natural feel than usual. By combining them with some of the other elements we mentioned before, you can create an incredible experience near your pool – all in your backyard. 

If you’re looking for some cool new options for your pool or feel the tug of inspiration from reading this blog, then give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then, good luck!

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