4 things to consider when remodeling your pool

Eventually you’ll come to the point as a pool owner where it’s going to be time to shake things up. As time moves along, your pool will begin to show signs of age, wear and tear – and the style might even begin to be a little bit outdated. Ultimately it’s going to be time to consider a remodel. 

But where do you start? What are some of the things that you’re going to have to take into consideration? That’s what we’re here to discuss today. Here are some of the things that you’ll have to think about when it comes to your next swimming pool remodel. Let’s jump right in!

Safety features

The old saying ‘safety first’ certainly applies in the case of a remodel. Over time, safety guidelines and codes will have evolved and changed and your space might be out of date in that regard. You may have to add ladders, railings or even upgrade your fence in order to make sure you’re up to code. Speak with your pool contractor and have them do a walkthrough of your swimming pool area and they’ll be able to make the proper recommendations. 

Powering your pool

Depending on how aggressive you want to be about your remodel, you might want to consider overhauling your filtration and electrical systems. While this might seem expensive up front- technology has made some incredible leaps in recent years, particularly when it comes to energy efficiency. That can mean significant cost savings for you over time. 


Customizing your pool is a great way to make it both look and feel brand new. And even more significant -there’s many design themes and templates that can blend seamlessly into your backyard space – so what might feel like a swimming pool remodel can be a totally new way to consider your deck or outdoor dining space. And for people who want to take things to the next level, you have plenty of options at your disposal. Waterfalls, oasis, fountains, natural stones and plants can help take your otherwise drab poolscape from bland to looking like something out of a magazine. 


The biggest thing you’ll have to think about with a pool remodel is the actual cost of the remodel itself and how you’re going to pay for it. The price tag will depend on a lot of things – specifically what you want to get done and how – but cost can also vary according to where you live. Most of us don’t have the spare funds for a remodel just casually laying around, so you’ll want to start looking for ways to finance the project. Some companies offer financing of their own while in some other cases, you might want to go to your bank to explore your options. 

Hopefully, these things get your mind churning a bit about your remodel. While there’s much that needs to be done, remember that the end product will most certainly be worth it. If you’re in the Largo, FL area and you’re looking to revamp your pool – give us a call today and we’ll give you a free consultation. Good luck!

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