What to consider when purchasing a home with a swimming pool

House hunting can be a simultaneously exhilarating and frightening time. For one, the idea of making a big change can be a lot for some people while the thrill of new adventures awaits and excites others. For some though, they’ll be looking for a few added amenities and perhaps one of the ‘like to haves’ on your list is a swimming pool. 

But what are some things you should keep in mind? Are there downsides to buying a home with a pool? Is it something you should avoid altogether? Hopefully today’s blog will help answer some of those questions. Here are some tips for every house hunter out there who may be interested in purchasing a home with a pool. Let’s jump right in!

The pool might need work

If there’s one thing you can likely count on when it comes to purchasing a home with a pool – it’s that said swimming pool probably has some wear and tear. It could be old, could have severe, functional issues, there could be problems in the pumps, drains, you name it. 

Vinyl liner pools may need liner replacements. Concrete pools might have issues with its plaster surface. Either way – you’ll want to hire an inspector to come look at the pool and give you an idea of its overall condition. And it should come with fair warning- the pool could be in the kind of condition that it might make it cost prohibitive to purchase the home. Make sure you do your homework!

Is there a warranty?

The last thing you’d want to do is purchase a home with a gorgeous pool and then all of a sudden watch something malfunction; forcing you to dig deep into pockets that might not be very deep at the moment in order to cover the cost. Make sure any home that has a pool has a genuine warranty that’s guaranteed by the owner of the pool. If it doesn’t, pass on the home altogether. 

Is it the right pool for you?

You’d be surprised if you learned about the number of people who call pool companies after the fact, realizing that a particular pool isn’t for them. Make sure that whether it’s vinyl, concrete, fiberglass or whatever – that it’s your kind of pool. Make sure you like the depth, the shape and the design as well. Make sure that you’re buying the home you want first, but also make sure that you’re getting a swimming pool you want. After all, it costs more to replace an existing pool than to build a new one. 

It’s all about safety

If you have children, you should be prepared to make the necessary investments in order to secure your pool area – and that can get expensive. This could mean upgrading a fence or investing in a new kind of pool cover and that can mean a significant expense on your part. In extreme cases, you may even want to invest in alarms, sensors and cameras. Either way – it’s a lot to think about and something that you’ll be responsible for.

Understand what you’re getting into

Safety isn’t cheap and maintenance isn’t either. Some pool shoppers get turned off when they learn how much time and money owning a pool can cost them. It isn’t always this way, but be sure that you’re ready to make this kind of a commitment. It’s all a great dream until the bill comes due. 

Now, so that we’re clear, here – swimming pools are awesome. But if you’re buying someone else’s swimming pool, it’s critical that you go in with a clear idea of what’s involved and what comes along with the responsibility. The good always far outweighs the bad, but in this kind of a situation, we don’t want you to step into that 1 in 10 bad situation.

Hopefully these tips give you something to think about. We love swimming pools and we’re obviously confident that you will, too – but we’re doing you a disservice if we’re not first giving you a clear-eyed idea of what could potentially come along with purchasing a home with a swimming pool. Think it through and hopefully, you’ll find a new home (and pool) that’s perfect for you. Good luck!

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