Swimming pool new year’s resolutions

We know we’re not alone in saying we’re pretty thrilled to see 2020 coming to an end. It’s been a rough year for everyone – from a raging pandemic, to a wild Presidential election to, well… just name it. That being said, the end of this year isn’t going to be too much different from the end of years previous. It’s time to start fresh and the same can be said for how you approach your swimming pool. 

Some folks like to go big and/or personal when it comes to their resolutions – sometimes it’s weight loss or kicking an old habit. For others, it can be finding something like your pool and just getting better at managing it. 

So today, we’re here to offer up some tips as to what you can use for some Swimming Pool New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s jump right in. 

Learn how to test your pool’s chemistry

One of the expenses that comes along with owning a pool is getting your water tested. And while having pros is fine and responsible, it can also get needlessly expensive. Why? Because it’s something you’re fully capable of doing on your own so long as you’re willing to take some time to learn how to do it. 

Lucky for you, it’s not difficult. Purchase a complete water test kit. You can find them online or at any local swimming pool supply store. They’ll come with a set of instructions that are about as straightforward as can be. Not only will this save you lots of time, but you’ll also save a pretty penny.

Find a way to keep your pool’s area cleaner

A lot of the debris that accumulates both in and around your swimming pool comes from the surrounding area. Things like shrubs, trees and the like shed leaves and branches and more often than not, it makes its way into your pool. If this is an ongoing or frequently occurring issue in your pool, why not make a commitment to do something about it?

Early tree pruning and landscaping early in your pools’ season can go a long ways towards solving this issue. Usually debris comes from excess leaves and the like. So doing some early spring cleaning can go a long way. 

A second way to settle this issue is to install a wind block. This’ll keep out debris that could potentially fall into your pool during windy days. 

Use your pool more!

Pools aren’t cheap – and you have it for a reason, so use it more! In addition, some of those other resolutions that you made can be achieved by using your pool more frequently. Looking to lose weight or get into shape? Swimming might actually be the most useful form of exercise there is in that regard. Looking to be a better neighbor or socialize more? Your pool can be a fantastic place to congregate.

Whatever your reason might be, make a commitment to spend more time enjoying your pool. It’s good for you, the folks around you and it’ll ensure you get more out of your investment.

Hopefully these tips give you a little inspiration about what you can do this coming year. You’re never too old to learn some new tricks and just these things alone will make both enjoying and managing your pool far more easier. Stay safe this year and only the best to you and yours. Enjoy!

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