Is your pool losing too much water?

Pools; at least at face value – seem like a fairly simple proposition. You build your pool and then you fill it with water. It keeps the water there and uses a mix of chemicals and filtration to help continually cycle clean water into your pool and filter out the dirty water. 

Theoretically, there should be no leaking, right? Pools don’t lose that much water, right?

Well, we’re sad to say that yes, they do. Sometimes, it’s for things like simple splashing and evaporation. But sometimes, the reason can be a little bit more sinister. The fact is – that pools leak sometimes and when they do, you’ll need to call in a professional. Here is what you can do – from identifying that you have a leak to what you can expect during the repair process. Let’s jump right in. 

Yes, pools leak. 

Every swimming pool leaks – at least a little bit. There are too many parts, too many connections and too many things involved for you to not lose water somehow, some way. Concrete in and of itself – which is what most swimming pools are made of – is a naturally porous substance. Yes, they get treated with waterproof finishes but nothing is ever 100% effective. Then add in the plumbing and fixtures and the simple fact of the matter is, your pool will lose some water no matter what you do. It’s all part of pool ownership.
In other words: It’s a pretty normal thing. Mostly. 

But how much is too much?

While water loss is normal and mostly acceptable; too much water loss can be a big problem. And what’s tough about this particular situation is that by the time you notice it, you’re almost surely at the point where you’ll need to call in a professional. This is a serious problem that requires intervention before you create other, potentially costly problems elsewhere in your pool. 

So what do I do?

If your professional comes in and decides your pool is losing too much water, a whole rash of options open up. First, they’ll test the water to figure out where it’s coming from, how much water is actually getting lost, etc. Even seemingly smaller losses like 2 inches or so – could mean that there’s too much water leaving your pool. Take two inches and spread that out over the surface area of your pool – and you get a lot of water. 

Once they figure out where it’s coming from, they’ll then take action to correct the problem. That can include fixing lining, filling in leaks in concrete, addressing plumbing leaks, etc. Like we said above – leaks are common and inevitable, but they could also be anywhere and they’re not all created equal. 

Now – all of that scary stuff being said – don’t panic. JUST because a pool loses a good amount of water doesn’t mean that the problem is a big problem. Sometimes – especially in super hot places like where we are in Largo, FL – evaporation could be the sole culprit. But the problem with large-scale water loss isn’t the loss of water itself; again – it’s the potential problems that said water loss can cause on the rest of your pool.

Hopefully this blog helps you to identify if you have a problem or not. And of course – if you’re unsure, just call in a pro anyway. It’s better to be safe than sorry. If your pool is losing a higher than normal amount of water, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Good luck!

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