How to hire a swimming pool contractor

So you’ve decided you’re interested in installing a pool at your home. Congratulations! Swimming pools will bring hours and hours of enjoyment for you and those who matter the most. But like anything that’s worth doing, there’s a process to things and of course the next big step you’ll have to make is hiring someone to do the actual work of installing the pool.

But what do you look for? What kinds of credentials are the most meaningful? What are the must haves vs. the nice to haves? Today, we’re here to answer those questions for you. Here are some of the things you need to consider when hiring a contractor to build your swimming pool. Let’s jump right in.

Reviews and recommendations

The best place to start is simply word of mouth. Start by finding a few companies that have great reviews and locals who can testify as to the quality of their work. Not only is this valuable for vetting your candidates – but it’s even more valuable to talk to people who’ve been through the process. You never know what you’ll learn from their experience that can help make yours go more smoothly. 

And when you interview companies like ours – ask us lots of questions; especially about our experience. For example, what are some examples of unexpected costs? How long does it take? How will we communicate? This will help you get the best possible start. 

Licenses and insurance

Anyone who doesn’t have proper licenses and insurance are a full-stop, no-go. Law dictates that people who build pools must be properly insured and licensed. Never hire companies that are off the grid. 

This is important because even the best companies make mistakes. Or some hidden pipe or line that wasn’t detected below the surface gets hit. Mistakes and accidents happen even with some of the most thorough and respected companies – so making sure they’ve got the backup to address problems when they arise is crucial. A wrong call, and it could end up costing you thousands in repairs. 


Everyone – from the contractor to you, yourself – want this installation to go smoothly. And trust us on our end – we want the pool to do everything it’s supposed to – from the pumps to the heaters – until the end of time. However, things CAN go wrong and look, we live in Florida. Insane things can happen! Making sure that you’re fully warrantied is important because if something big an expensive goes unexpectedly, you’re covered. It’s only right that the big investments you make come with warranties – so make sure your contractor offers them and specifically details what’s in them, how long they work and above all else – read the fine print. 

Stick to your budget

If a contractor can’t work within your budget, it’s time to take them off the list. If you’re dealing with a company that’s there to immediately upsell you, shut the conversation down. They’re not looking out for you. Now of course, there are nuanced exceptions to that rule. For example – maybe a few hundred bucks extra gets you a much better heater, or maybe the liner is something you want to consider spending a little extra on. Those things are fine; but when you want the straight-forward design and he’s selling you waterfalls and mountains – it’s best to find someone else. 

Finding the right fit for you is important. You are the center of the process, so take your time, don’t rush things and be thorough. It’s better to be over prepared than not be prepared at all. Hopefully these tips give you some guidelines as to what you need to do and help take a little stress out of the process. If you’d like some more guidance, give us a call today and we’ll help you walk through things. Good luck!

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