How rain impacts your swimming pool

It doesn’t rain much in Florida, but when it does – it brings a lot of water with it. And with the rain come calls of distressed pool owners who are looking for solutions to the rain, the flooding and questions about how rain water impacts their swimming pool.

Rain can create more than a few issues for your swimming pool and today – we’re going to discuss some of those and what you can do to protect yourself from any potential damage it might bring. Let’s jump right in!

Too much water in the pool

One of the more annoying issues that rain can cause is excess water in your pool. Not only can this flood your deck area, but it can also damage other pool equipment like pumps and filters. This should be addressed as soon as possible. Reality is – you’ll have to drain your pool a good deal before it’ll be usable again, so make sure you do that before you start conducting things like chemical tests and the like. If left unattended – you can cause serious damage to filters, pumps and the like – and what was a nominal problem can become quite costly.

Contaminants in the pool

Rain itself is pure, distilled water – but as it falls through the air, it picks up all sorts of dust, pollen and other potential pollutants. Sometimes they even manage (somehow) to pick up algae spores. The problem this creates – is that there are a ton of potential contaminants that can destabilize your pool’s chemical composition.


If you know rain is coming, make sure to test your pool beforehand and then a second time once the rain has subsided. Of course – using an algaecide as a standard practice is always a good idea – as that will combat that issue before it becomes a significant issue. All of that being said – make sure you’re performing tests – as that’ll give you the road map you’ll need in order to get some chemical balance back in your swimming pool.


If rain is accompanied with wind, you might find a variety of debris in your pool once the storm has passed. Of course, covering the pool you’d think would theoretically help – but the reality is that certain things can damage your pool cover and get into the pool anyway. DO NOT use your pool cover.

Before the storm hits, make sure any loose toys, furniture and equipment are put away and stored. Anything you think could become airborne and end up in your pool should be put away.

Once the storm has subsided, lower your water level, check the chemical composition of your pool and remove any and all debris using a pool vacuum and skimmer.

Hopefully these tips will help you maintain your pool the next time rain hits. If you are experiencing challenges or would like to learn more about how you can protect your pool in the event of a storm, give us a call today. Good luck!

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