The benefits of saltwater pools

Some folks love the idea of owning a swimming pool; but they’re not too crazy about the idea of chlorinated water. And it’s hard to blame them.

Chlorine can hurt your eyes, makes your skin feel dry and sometimes it doesn’t smell so pleasant. That being said – when you’re smack dab in the middle of a good-old-fashioned St Petersburg Florida heatwave – you tend to care a whole lot less.

That being said – there are alternatives – one of which we’ll be discussing today: Saltwater pools. Here are some of the benefits and reasons why people go this route – and why it might be a fit for your family and lifestyle. Let’s jump right in.

First things, first – the difference between saltwater and chlorine

The biggest difference between a chlorine pool and saltwater is essentially how the pool is set up and cleaned. Chlorine models are usually treated with chemicals and tablets while saltwater pools are set up to actually produce their own chlorine – and at less of a vigorous pace.

Instead of chemicals saltwater pools are treated with, well – salt – which sanitizes the pool through a chemical process called electrolysis. It’s not quite as salty as ocean water – but it’s salty enough that it self regulates.

Saltwater pools are great for the skin.

Unlike chlorinated pools which leave your skin feeling dry and chalky – saltwater pools really help to give your skin a boost. Not only does it detoxify your skin, but it also sterilizes it and in some cases – lessens inflammation. Now granted – you can overstay your welcome. When your skin begins to prune up – you’ve certainly been in the water too long. But on the whole – your skin will feel fantastic after a saltwater pool dip.

Less maintenance

Probably the clincher for any pool owner is that saltwater pools require significantly less maintenance than chlorinated pools do. The reason for this boils down to the chemical balancing in each type of pool. Saltwater pools generate their own chlorine – but most importantly – only the amount of chlorine that pool needs. In essence, the pool self regulates itself. And if you’re someone with a busy life who worries whether they’ll have the time to constantly be worrying about their pools’ chemical composition – this is a pretty great thing.

While saltwater pools can be more expensive up front – they do come with a whole swath of benefits. When it comes to making a choice however, you should consult with a pro. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of saltwater pools and whether they’re right for you – give us as call today. Good luck!

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