Why your pool is the best place to work out

If you’re the owner of a swimming pool and you’re bored with the gym, we strongly recommend that you consider hitting the pool instead. It’s an amazing calorie burner and depending on your overall body makeup, one hour can burn up to 1,000 calories.

Here are some of the amazing exercise benefits that a pool can offer. Let’s jump right in!

Low-impact exercise

While banging and clanging in the gym is a great way to build muscle and strength – the truth is that traditional gym exercises can take a toll on your body after a while. Even cardio activities like running can put miles on your joints after a while and make it truly difficult to perform in the way and manner that you want.

In the water, you’re basically training in zero-gravity, almost space-like conditions. Not only will you burn calories, but if you’re hurt or injured, it’s perhaps the best place to rehab and/or get exercise without hurting yourself.

Total body workout

Swimming is a full body workout that burns calories like any other fitness routine would. The swimming will not only tone your cardiovascular system, but it’ll help you breathe more efficiently as well – particularly as you build up your endurance. The water will make you feel light, but the reality is that it’s 780 times more dense than air – meaning the pushing and pulling will add up and give your muscles an incredible workout. At the end of the day – that means a workout that tones every part of your body.

Water is incredible for your mood

Swimming will flat-out boost your mood. The same dynamics that help people relax better at the beach apply here. Water for whatever reason – induces a tranquil state that soothes stress and anxiety and more often than not – helps us shed the overstimulation we experience in day to day life. With the natural stress reducers of exercise – pools can really help take the edge off.

There’s more than one way to burn calories

The great thing about exercising in pools is that it doesn’t always have to be laps and strokes. Sometimes, just playing with your kids, family or friends can do the trick. In addition – it’s exercise you can all do together, which sets a great example of them and allows you to spend positive, productive time with them.

So if you’re tired of the hum-drum of the gym, use your pool! In this case, you don’t even have to get in the car. Just jump in, take your laps and enjoy. Good luck!

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