How to prepare your pool for a hurricane

It’s not our favorite talk, but it’s a necessary one that we like to have every now and then – and that’s what to do to prepare your pool if a hurricane is coming. It’s that time of year down here in Oldsmar, and being prepared is just part of life.

Hurricanes can damage homes, businesses and more – including our pools. On top of that, pools can get contaminated by flooding, dirt, mud, silt and other bacteria. If you find yourself anticipating a hurricane, here are some things you can do make sure the problems you deal with are as minimal as possible.

Do not empty your pool

Water provides weight on the pool to keep it in the ground. If it’s empty, hurricanes are strong enough to float or pop pools out of the ground largely due to the ground pressure that develops from all the excessive heavy rains that come with these storms. And believe it or not – even with the risk of contamination – it’s easier to clean up things with water in the pool than without.

Turn off the power

Make sure the entire circuit breaker responsible for the pool’s power is turned off. Motors, lighting, chlorinators and heaters shouldn’t run during a storm.

Store or remove loose items

Chairs, tables, toys and the like can turn into dangerous projectiles if there’s too much wind. Store them inside – away from the storm if possible. Never leave objects in your pool as a means to protect them, either. This could not only damage your items, but also cause major metal staining problems.

Add in extra chlorine

As is the usual case with these things, you’re likely to be dealing with some sort of contaminant when you’re dealing with rain and wind like a hurricane’s. Add some pool shock, power powder plus or some chlor brite pool shock. Throw in some chemical that will also help your pool fight algae as well.

Don’t cover your pool

Hurricanes cause falling branches and launch debris. We’d much rather the branch fall into the water than through your cover and into the water. Prevent unwanted damage by leaving your pool uncovered during a storm.

Wrap up the major electrical equipment

Wrap up your pool’s pump, transformers and electrical heaters with some waterproof plastic. If you’re expecting flooding, then make sure all of these device are unplugged.


If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll help you walk through everything that needs to be done. Until then, thanks for reading and good luck!

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