What pool trends are cool in 2019

Trends always tend to come and go and of course 2019 has been no different in that regard. When people make the investment in a pool – they want something that looks slick and modern and they look to companies like ours to help them bring their vision of the perfect pool escape to life.

Here are some of the biggest trends in pools that we’ve noticed so far this year, what they entail and whether they might be a good fit for your build-out. Let’s jump right in!

Tanning Ledges

Tanning ledges are a big hit in smaller pools. In some areas of the country they also go by a different name (Baja Shelves) however their core function remains the same. Tanning ledges allow people to sit in a pool and stay cool without being totally submerged. They’re just as big of a hit with kids – particularly smaller ones – who would rather not venture into the deeper ends of the pool.

Heat/Cool pumps

Heat pumps are a type of pool heater that works just like a heat pump would in your home – but also happens to be extremely efficient in how it uses energy. In some instances, you’ll even find pumps that can cool your water as well.

At first, that might not seem like a big deal, but when you live in places like Florida where our offices are – you know that the temperature of a pool can reach the mid-90s during a heat wave – which ironically – is when you’d be most likely to want/need to use it to cool off. Having this kind of a pump handy can make a big difference in the overall enjoyment of your pool and makes it much easier to use when you need the most.

Also as a side note – if you have an automatic pool cover, you’ll definitely want this component if you can afford it.

Glass tiles

Glass tiles have become huge in recent months largely due to their stunning beauty – but also their durability and overall quality. They’re extremely resistant to chemical corrosion and other types of damage- particularly when stacked up to other materials like plaster, fiberglass and exposed aggregate. Even better – as long as they last functionally – they will also last just as long in terms of their aesthetic quality. They’ll stay shiny and eye popping for decades.

Fire Bowls

Insofar as decorative add-ons are concerned, fire bowls are extremely popular right now. Not only are they great meeting places for a discussion or drink – but they also can flat-out turn a pool area into a work of art. They’re as gorgeous as they are functional, which is what we all want!

That being said, fire bowls are no small undertaking – so if it’s something you’re looking to add to your pool area, then be prepared to have that conversation with your contractor as early as possible in the building process.


We hope this helps! If you read anything that interests you then simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Good luck!

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