What to look for in a pool builder

So you’ve made the decision that it’s time to build a pool. You might even know what kind of pool you want and even have the money all saved up to do this thing as quickly as possible. Now, it’s time to find someone to build it for you. But who? And how do you know they’re reputable and can do the job?

Today’s post is precisely about that – what to look for in a swimming pool contractor. Here are some things to look for to make sure you get the person who’s right for the job. Let’s jump right in!

Online reviews/ratings

Online reviews are a good thing, here. Everyone gets pinged once and a while – but on the whole, once you’re looking at someone with 50+ customer reviews, you’re getting a pretty good cross section of public opinion on their experience with them.

The flip side to this is well… when there aren’t any online reviews. Not that it should be an IMMEDIATE disqualifier, but it’s certainly a red flag if a business doesn’t have a digital presence in 2019. More importantly – it’s just time to do some background research the good, old fashioned way – asking for references and the like.

Proof of success

Every reputable builder should have pictures and renderings of their past work – but should also have references from most of the places where these projects have taken place. It’ll give you a clear picture of what they’re capable of. We would recommend however – that you don’t entirely discount someone who doesn’t. There are some incredible contractors who are newly established. Just make sure you give careful consideration to other points and do your homework on whatever they can provide.

Warranties/Permits and the like

Make sure that if the contractor is giving you a quote that they have all the permitting information, necessary insurances and a clear grasp on the permitting process. These are the things that most people overlook in the process but it’s also one of the things that can help you differentiate between the contenders and the pretenders.

Honest about potential challenges

Price isn’t the thing you should be most worried about during an installation. You need someone who is going to be up front with you, be able to explain expenses – but also will be crystal clear with you about whatever challenges there might be with a particular project. Yes, that will cost you more – but problems are problems for a reason and can come back to bite you later on. Honesty is imperative to any sound business transaction.


Every good pool contractor should have a clearly defined system. A soup-to-nuts concept to implementation. And ask them about it! Ask for them to explain it. In this case, it’s less important what the process is and rather that they have one. You’re looking for serious contenders here and this is a way in which that will become more apparent.


Take these tips into consideration during your hunt and you should get someone you can depend on who’ll provide a great deal of value. Good luck!

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