How to remove leaves from your pool

By mid-November, most to if not all of your leaves have fallen as autumn wraps up and makes way for winter. An occurrence that’s all too common though – are pools and pool covers that end up being covered in dead leaves, twigs and other miscellaneous debris.

Of course, this detritus needs to be removed as there are all sorts of bad things that can come about if you don’t – and that’s what we’re here to discuss today. Here are some efficient, DIY methods of removing leaves from your winter pool cover. Let’s jump right in!

Using a leaf blower

So long as your pool cover is mostly dry – you should be able to blow them off fairly effortlessly with the use of a leaf blower. If your blower is large enough, you should have no issues blowing most of your leaves clean across the cover and off of your pool’s surface. Ideally, this is a great way to get rid of leaves as you’re leaving no abraisans or even touching the pool cover. The flip side of that is that if your leaves are wet – this isn’t likely to work so well and you’ll need to either use entirely new methods or use something else in consort with your leaf blower.

Using a pool brush

Pool brushes can be used to push leaves from one side of the pool to the other. Once there, the leaves can be scooped up and disposed of. The caveat here is you should only use pool brushes that have nylon bristles as you don’t want to puncture your pool cover.

Using a pool leaf rake

The next method you can use is by using a pool leaf rake – which is an abnormally large skimmer with a deep bag for collections attached to it. The idea is to push the rake slowly across the cover to scoop up the leaves and debris so that you can dispose of it a large trash can. Pool leaf rakes are almost the total opposite of leaf blowers in that they’re at their most effective when dealing with wet leaves.

Oh, trusty leaf net cover

When you close your pool up, this thing will save you countless hours of work. Simply drape I over your pool cover before the majority of leaves begin to fall and viola! Pick it up, drag it back and there go all of your leaf issues in mere minutes. It’s too late to use one now, but it should be top of your priority list for next year!


Do you have your own unique way of removing leaves? Tell us in the comments below! Good luck!

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