Your end of summer pool party checklist

Pools are something that you can use for a variety of things – from resting and relaxing to providing an awesome social space for your family and friends. This month, we’re going to talk about one of the social ways you can use your pool – and that’s to host a party.

Pool parties are a staple of the summer and with good reason. They’re a great opportunity to win over your grumpy neighbors or see extended family. And even better – even your ‘awkward fit’ guests will have something to do or have some sort of reprieve.

That being said though – pool parties are a lot of work and so we’ve put together a cool party planning check list for you to go through to make sure your event is a great one!

Plan, plan, and plan

There are a lot of things you can (and can’t) plan for with a pool party – but be sure to schedule it on a day where you’re fairly confident that it won’t rain. Storms and heat exhaustion is a killer. On the same note, be sure to schedule your party on a weekend or evening when people aren’t working so they’re not dragging from a long day’s worth of labor.

Make sure you have shaded areas for people to stay cool and a place that’s accessible for food and refreshments. Make sure that people know where the bathroom is and doubly important – see to it that there’s traction and towels on the floor so people don’t get water everywhere and or cause a slippery surface!

Last and certainly not least – test your pool water and make sure everything is in good, working order.

Make sure you have the essentials

It’s always a good idea to put the basics in your guests’ corner. That’s things like bathing suits, towels, sandals, sunscreen and the like. That being said – like any good party host, you should always run under the assumption that one or many of your guests will forget something. Make sure you have some backups so guests don’t have to scramble for their pool party supplies!

What you shouldn’t do

Pool parties are a lot of fun, but make sure everyone knows the rules and that you’re prepared for the worst. The three main rules of a pool party should be that kids are never left unattended, that there’s no swimming during any kind of storm and that no one brings glasses or dishware around your pool.

Glass is bad because people can cut themselves on it, but worse yet – if it gets in the pool it can be next to impossible to find and fish out. Not leaving your kids alone is self-explanatory and if the weather isn’t cooperating don’t push things. Take a rain check even if it puts a damper on your day.

Pools are an awesome summer space and as summer makes way for the cooler fall season, we hope you get out there and enjoy your space to its fullest! If you’d like to learn more about pools, feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions! Good luck and have fun!

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