Staging your pool and selling your home

A common myth is that a pool can sometimes have a negative impact on your home’s value. That’s not necessarily true – but more importantly – when taken advantage of, pools can significantly add to your home’s value.

The most important part of that is staging the pool itself. If a pool looks more like an eyesore than oasis, it’ll hurt your value. But if it’s as spotless and immaculate as the rest of your house – it’ll most certainly add to the ambiance.

Here are some tips to help you stage your pool more effectively.

Focus on the landscaping

People are drawn to lush, bold color patterns and when it comes to your yard, it’s no different. A lush lawn, garden, plants and trees can really add to your home’s overall feel – but when complimented with a pool, it can truly look next level. Take the time to plant grass seed and plant some bright flowers. Find some potted plants to place strategically around the pool and be sure to trim your bushes and your hedges.

And most importantly – keep an eye on debris and clear both your pool and the area around it of it.

Ditch the personal belongings

Your home is your home until it isn’t, but when you’re ready to sell it – you need to do all you can to make a potential buyer see your home as their home. As a general rule of thumb (and realtors will tell you the same thing) it’s important to take your personal belongings, photos and the like out of the equation.

The same holds true for your pool. Keep the kids’ toys put away, keep the equipment in the shed and put the towels in the laundry room. Not only can leaving these things around create a more cluttered, chaotic look about your pool, but they can also potentially cause a safety concern as well.

Clean the pool

Make sure your chemical levels are appropriate and clean the water out. Vacuum, strain, and if need be – hire a pro pool cleaner to come and make it look immaculate. More often than not the whole idea of the myth that a pool hurts your home value comes from the idea that people think owning a pool is a ton of unnecessary work. Don’t reinforce their negative images.

Create a few common areas

Pools are water and water is for swimming, but the idea of a pool in your yard is really more about shared experiences – experiences with friends and loved ones. Common areas with chairs facing each other, tables that can hold drinks, etc – it communicates a sense of warmth and togetherness and sells the image of your pool being an advantage – a place where the owner could congregate with his or her friends and kids. It doesn’t become an expense or something else to do – it becomes an actual experience.

Follow these tips, keep up on your pool and trust us – pools can not only sell themselves, but sometimes your home as well. Good luck!

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