A ‘must have’s’ checklist for new pool owners

While there’s nothing better than adding a pool to the overall landscape of your living space, there are some things you’ll need in order to make life with your new addition a little easier. This month’s blog is here to address those needs – and give you a quick, digestible list of pool-centric essentials.

Let’s jump right in! 

A skimmer – The skimmer scoops out all the bad stuff – the dirt, the debris, bugs and leaves from your pool. There’s hand skimmers, wall skimmers, wide-mouth skimmers – there’s lots of them and one or a few will help suit your needs.

Water analysis kit – Many supply companies will do an analysis for you, but owning your own kit is worthwhile. Eventually, you’ll know when you’ll learn your pool’s chemical needs more acutely and will be able to self-remedy when needed. There’s a slight learning curve, but not a steep one.

Vacuum – Unfortunately skimmers won’t be able to capture all the nonsense that’ll eventually make its way into and towards to the bottom of your pool. That’s where a vacuum comes in. Some go the manual route, but others prefer the automatic one that takes the labor and effort out of your hands. Either way, they’re a must have tool for your pool if you’re looking for clean swimming.

Pool Brush – No matter how well you balance your pools’ chemicals, no matter how often you clean your pool, you’ll eventually get smudges in certain spots of your pool. That’s where the pool brush comes in. Brushes are there to help give those walls a hardy scrub and keep that hard to reach grime from sticking to you pool floor.

Covers – Pool covers are essential regardless of design, model, location, etc. They can provide heat, they can keep your pool protected. They keep out leaves in the fall and snow in the winter. They keep your space safe and warm in the summer. Know your cover inside and out and be on the look out for any wear and tear it might incur.

Floats and toys – OK, you caught us – so maybe not necessary. But honestly, who goes in a pool without cool stuff? We SUPPOSE you could do without a diving board or slide. But floats? Games? Pool toys? Folks, that’s the point! It’s good for the soul- the young and old alike. Pools are meaningless if you they can’t be enjoyed!

And from a more future-thinking perspective, be sure to stock up and locate replacement parts. This is a real pro tip from some of our best customers. And honestly – us as well! You’ll spend TONS of money if you don’t keep on the up and up with your pool and if parts break, you’ll be able to replace them more cost-effectively. In many cases, commercial companies will replace them for you with the part you found. So be on the look out and it could pay big dividends.

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