The six things to consider before you buy an in ground pool

Large, small or otherwise – and in ground pool is a significant investment. Not only do they put a dent in your bank account, they can also affect your property’s value and overall aesthetic. Most of the time – this is for the best, but it’s a serious decision and one you need to be ‘all in’ on if you want to get the most out of it.

Research is always the best thing you can do and we’re going to help you widdle things down into a few key points you should be thinking about before you make the big purchase.


Always a big one! The price of a pool is more than simply purchasing the pool and installing it. There’s maintenance. It’s the initial cost vs. the long-term cost. The type of pool you purchase can impact both. There is value and drawbacks to all types of in ground pools – whether they are fiberglass, concrete or vinyl. There’s hidden costs, too – things like installation costs, retaining walls, extra concrete, dirt hauling, landscaping, potential electrical work – fences… the list can go on and on. When shopping for the best price, make sure you identify those hidden costs up front and get an idea of how they factor into the big picture.


Building your pool is going to take time and how long that is – exactly – just depends on a whole swath of things. The type of in ground pool you choose can impact your timeline, but more often than not the biggest obstacle is the prep work itself. Things like obtaining permits, preparing the land, and the like.


When you’re buying a pool you’ll have to pick the eventual size and shape of it. A lot goes into this – from considering aesthetic, how it fits into your yard, how much land it takes up, etc. Take the most time here. Consider the size. Consider the depth. Consider the actual utility that the pool will have in your life.


If there’s one mistake we see customers make – it’s placing too much focus on designing the pool and getting it installed. Many times, they’ll neglect the back end of the job – and that’s the landscaping and restoration of the outdoor space. And believe us when we tell you – it makes a HUGE difference. A simple pool can feel like an absolute oasis if done right. But there are also practical things to consider here. Where grass goes, how leaves blow around the yard, shade, kids, safety and the like. So don’t just think about your pool – think about how your pool fits into the overall scope of what you want that dream back yard to look like.

Don’t get us wrong – there’s other stuff to consider when building an in-ground pool, but these are the things we want you thinking of the most actively. Good luck with your journey and we’d deeply appreciate it if you were to call us for a quote!

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