Swimming Pool trends for 2018

If you’re thinking of installing a pool in 2018, it’s not only good to do your homework early, but also catch yourself up with the coming trends and what’s next. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the trends we expect to see in 2018 when it comes to spa and pool installations and hopefully they give you a little inspiration as to what you might want to do with your space.

Smaller pools

There’s no doubt that the expansive pool will always have its place in the American back yard, but the trend in home pool ownership has skewed smaller and smaller in recent years. Many modern pools are now showcasing more compact designs – which saves space for other back yard activities. Also with there being a move to more urban and suburban settings, we’re seeing people scale back a bit largely due to more expansive zoning regulations. Whether its space, regulations, zoning or just personal preference – smaller pools are becoming more of the solution of choice.

Themed pools

For folks on the luxury end of the spectrum, we’re beginning to see some pretty creative demands in terms of what folks want in their pools. Sure, we’ll admit it’s daunting at times, but boy is it fun at others! Shapes, sizes, forms, precision, we’re seeing it all. From zigzags to palm trees – to even fish shapes, people are really taking thought into what they’re looking to enhance in their entertainment spaces.

Water Features

Custom water features are one of those things that gained popularity almost out of the blue – and while their growth in popularity wasn’t immediate and massive; it’s certainly been substantial over the years. Don’t expect that to change this year, either. Slow, steady growth with more people than before wanting water features as part of their pool. Water falls, deck jets, entertainment, soundscapes – there’s just a lot of ways you can enhance the overall swim experience- and do so without blowing your budget to bits.


Automation is impacting every industry and guess what – ours isn’t any different. IN a world with smartphones, apps and digital integration, it was only a matter of time before pools began to feel the impact and need to adapt to find its own niche in this emerging digital world. Things like lighting, temperature, music – can all be controlled now from your fingertips. You can now control your pool with virtually any device.

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