Keeping your pool safe for your pets

We talk a lot about safety for the whole family in this blog – but to date haven’t covered the safety of some of our most important family members – our pets! Whether around the pool or in the back yard, taking a few precautions can go a long way to making sure everyone is safe – and keeping our focus where it should be around the pool – having fun.

Let’s jump right in!

Make sure you have a real sense of your pet’s swimming abilities

For example – while Golden Retrievers are great swimmers, Bulldogs can sink like a rock. Both are dogs. Both make the same motion when they hit the water. One is built to be able to do it and the other isn’t. Even when it comes to things outside of breed – take the age, energy levels and ability.

Never leave your pets unattended near a pool

Even the best human swimmers can slip and fall. The same applies to pets. If they’re going to be near the pool, you need to be there with them.

Does your pet know how to get out of the pool?

Even if you have a pool that Rover isn’t allowed to frolic in – accidents can happen and when they do – it’s important that your furry friends know how to escape. It’s always good to help your pet practice getting out of the pool many times so that they know the drill. Some folks even buy pet pool ramps that can give their animals their own exit.

Life vests are a must

Dog life vests are cheap and a great investment – and all things considered – take a lot of the worry out of having your pet near the pool. Even some of the most front-heavy animals you can own (like the Bulldogs we mentioned above) – can swim and float so long as they have a life vest.

Practice the ‘come’ command as much as possible

Pets are a little bit like kids in that those that love to swim – really, really, really love to swim. Some to the point of fixation. While that can be a lot of fun – they have physical limitations that they (and you) might not be aware of. They’ll get tired and pets need breaks. Training them to ‘come’ on command can help keep play time from becoming dangerous.

Do you have some other tips to help keep your pets safe around the pool? Share them below!

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