Planning a safe pool party

Pool parties are as much a part of owning a pool as well… just about anything pool-related you can think of, really. After all – pools are at their best when they’re shared with the people who matter most to us.

Now don’t get us wrong – there are plenty of posts out there with all sorts of cool recipes, decorations and themes you can go with and well, while the pools we make are beautiful, we’re lousy cooks, not to great at hanging things and I mean – themes are better left up to you. We’re not going to there!

What we will do is help you take a more nuts and bolts look at a pool party – how to be safe. More people means more problems – and you’d be surprised at how seemingly obvious details can be overlooked if we’re not careful. So this month, we’re going to let you know how you can cross the t’s and dot the I’s of pool safety and make sure everyone’s on the same page so you can stop sweating the small stuff and get down to having fun!

Let’s jump right in!

We hammer home safety a lot here because it’s honestly the most important thing you can do. Parties involve more people and more people – as responsible as they may be personally – almost always lead to more problems.

The first thing you’re going to want to make sure is you have lots of life jackets and a few pairs of water wings hanging around – especially if you’re having smaller children. Most kids know how to swim, but even the most educated and aware pool party goer can run into problems, so if someone falls in, or kids are trampling about the outskirts of your swimming pool – make sure you have them suited up with life jackets and water wings.

Also make sure you have a first aid kit handy for any bangs, bumps, bruises and cuts. It only takes one slip for someone to get cut up on the side of the pool, fall down to something else. Be sure you have the right stuff around to make sure that you can administer first aid should the worst occur.

Also designate a lifeguard of sorts. It doesn’t have to be a certified lifeguard or someone you pay – just a responsible adult who is responsible for keeping their eye on the action. Designate multiple people if you can. We’ve seen scenarios where people are assigned 30-minute shifts, even. Just make sure that prior to those shifts that no one is drinking or engaging in any other sort of funny business.

And last but not least – be sure to designate an area for changing, going potty and the like. Make sure they have rugs and/or non-skid tiles so no one takes a header and people aren’t tracking water and whatever else through your home into potentially dangerous areas of your home.

Again – pool parties might actually be the best part of owning a pool, but they can lead to headaches if you’re not careful. Approach your party responsibly.

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