Giving your pool some pop!

All pools need what they need in order to keep things both fun and safe – but now and then – it’s nice to do a little something extra. This month’s blog will take a look at some options that you can tack onto your pool to make it an even more enjoyable experience!

Let’s jump right in!

Fountains – When it comes to ambiance, fountains can add a lot of fun. The great thing is you can add them whenever you want, so you don’t really need to make it a ‘now’ decision. They can be packaged in an install, but can also be added on later.

Grottos – People use grottos for a lot of different things. Some like to use them to simply add a little appeal to their space. Others use them for swim-in caves. Some people even go as far as to install stereo systems in them so they can listen to music!

Waterfalls – The only thing that can limit a waterfall in your pool is your imagination. While you CAN get away with putting them in AFTER an installation, we highly recommend you make them part of your entire installation package. Why? Because the cost is significantly less because waterfalls operate off your pool’s primary pipe system. Going in later means getting back to those pipes, messing around with them, etc. So if you’re going to get a waterfall done – do it during the install.

Slides – Slides have always been popular, but the way and manner in which they’re installed now is pretty interesting stuff. Slides can look like they did years ago – but custom slides can come with all sorts of looks, twists and turns. Some can even get as big as 36 feet or longer!

Entrances & exits – Doesn’t really seem like it’d be a big deal, but a well-done entrance not only meets aesthetic needs, but can serve practical ones as well. How you get in and out – how accessible the water is, whether you step, jump, dive, or flop… it all counts for something. Give strong consideration when you’re planning out your pool.

If you’re looking to get a little more sizzle with your pool or feel inspired to do something extra, give us a call and we’ll help make it happen!

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