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Oldsmar Pool Contractor Holiday Fun

The Christmas dinner invitations to your family and friends were mailed. All the people on your list have to come, and now it is time to figure out how you are going to pull this party off. As you look around your home, you realize that there is not enough space to entertain 35 people in your home. The next idea that comes to mind is renting a venue, but you are on a budget. Thanks to your Oldsmar Pool Contractor your backyard is your only option. The pool is a perfect place for the children; there are enough chairs to place at the outdoor kitchen area, and the guys can play football as the food is on the grill. Make this party a fun one with our outdoor party tips and tricks.

Holiday Oldsmar Pool Contractor Greetings

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We want to help you take advantage of your Oldsmar Pool Contractor this season by throwing a memorable Christmas or New Year’s par ion!


It can get a tad bit chilly this time of the year at night. Help your guests by giving them a heads up on what to wear. With the beautiful pool in your backyard, ask your guests to bring flip flops, closed toe shoes and a cardigan if the temperature takes a dip. Remember to tell them to bring towels and swimsuits with a second pair of clothing.


Florida living is the best, but the truth is it can rain at any given moment. At times the weather man does not always get the weather forecast correctly. Send an email or a text to remind people that mother nature is unpredictable. Ensure that there is room in your living room if it decides to rain and pour during your party.


Start your party in the late afternoon to give people a chance to enjoy it under natural daylight. Plan ahead for your late night party goers by using creative lighting around your outdoor kitchen and trees to keep people interested in socializing longer. Add Christmas lights on your fence, hurricane lanterns and tealights. It will make for a great Instagram photo for your guests that are social media savvy.


Don’t let extension cords trip up you and your guests. Run the cords through the yard and for safety, safely cut wires and bend them into a U-shape.


Remember to tell your guests to wear mosquito crème or bring a bottle of spray. Here are a few more ways to get this one right:

Standing water is a culprit for attracting mosquitoes. One week before your Christmas or New Year’s party, empty the rain gutters, the kiddie pool and any rainwater that is collected in flower pots.

Fans will be your best friend. Mosquitoes are weak insects, and a fan can keep them away when it is on low. Place the fans on your deck where you know people will be socializing.


During your party, the children need love too. Give them blowing bubbles and have the sprinkler going with beach balls for the children to play. Buy inexpensive disposable cameras and let them take pictures of the event.

The Oldsmar Pool Contract to Call

We are the Oldsmar Pool Contractor that will have your best interest in mind. Search our photo gallery for inspiration and make 2017 the beginning of a great year for you and your property.

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