Oldsmar Pool Contractor Tips for Re-Designing Your Pool

Re-designing Tips from Our Oldsmar Pool Contractor

The swimming pool in your backyard is one of the best features of your home and after 5 years of owning your house, new chairs and palm trees hasn’t helped with sprucing it up. Re-design your pool and save money on a demolition to build a new one. Customize your pool and get inspiration from an Oldsmar Pool Contractor by looking at pictures of previous jobs

Re-design the Shape and Size

Whether you have children, live alone or enjoy a swimming pool with your spouse, more space is a step up. The pool can be widened, reshaped, extended and deepened with the help of our seasoned designers. Dive in your pool on a hot day, exercise or entertain your friends with landscape additions that an Oldsmar Pool Contractor can create.

Our Oldsmar Pool Contractor Will Design Your Dream Pool

A fresh new paint, tiles and interior plaster finish will give your pool an entirely different look. Our technologically advanced software can help you with choosing from a variety of colours and textures to compliment the tiles. A mosaic tile pattern will be pleasing to the eye and make your outdated pool look modern.

Extras Make It Fun

Enhance the existence of your pool with a raised platform, poolside lighting, a waterfall or a spa. When the time comes for you to rent or re-sell your property, it will stand out amongst the other homes in the area.

Appearance is Everything

With a pool re-design, you have the ability choose add-ons to enhance your swimming experience. Pool landscaping such as paving, garden planter boxes, decorative fencing, raised platforms for lounging and water features that include fountains and water walls are visually appealing elements.

New lighting, particularly the kind that changes colours underwater can give your pool a contemporary look. Spa features are popular too, especially if you want a place to relax and take advantage of hot, pulsating jets of water to soften muscle aches and pains.

Making your Re-Design a Reality With Our Oldsmar Pool Contractor

Regarding swimming pools and their re-design, it is best to work with a professional pool company to ensure your ideas can be made into reality. A professional can walk you through a re-design and let you know what is possible, given the current state of your pool. They will be able to create a solid estimate of cost as well as a timeline to complete the project, keeping building permits and specifications in mind. Re-designing your pool is the way to go if you don’t want to demolish your old one and start over. Call Freestyle Pools and Spas, Inc. for your Oldsmar Pool Contractor to help you make it happen.

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