Oldsmar Pool Contractor on When to Remodel Your Pool

The Top Oldsmar Pool Contractor Remodeling Tips

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and homeowners have many reasons for remodeling their home. Perhaps you bought an old house and you are interested in changing the appearance of your swimming pool with the latest features. A new pool tile you noticed in the store may have given you inspiration. As an Oldsmar Pool Contractor we can write a long list of many different ways to remodel your swimming pool. It is possible that the vinyl liner is in need of replacement. A new baby has arrived and it is time to add safety features. Whatever your reason is, a swimming pool remodel can change the appearance of your property. Call us at 813-855-4040 for a free quote!

Oldsmar Pool Contractor Time to Update Pool Features

Even if your pool is an outdated model from the 1990s, we can remove an unsightly ladder, install a swim-out and change the depth to suit your needs. We can add a waterfall, an outdoor kitchen and a state of the art water purification technology. Let your imagination be your canvas with an Oldsmar Pool Contractor!

A fresh New Look

Increasing the resale value of your house is not only an upgrade but the backyard for many sellers is a selling feature as well. Ask us about our tiles, plaster, vinyl or aggregates. We pay careful attention to the geographic area of where our customers plan to use the pool, and design elements such as colors and much more.

Safety comes first

Freestyle Pools and Spas Inc. believes a swimming pool is enjoyed best when it is designed for the safety of children and pets to give you piece of mind. Whether your children are planning a pool party, you are enjoying your time with your spouse or the neighbors are over for an afternoon swim, a safety net can make a big difference. Ask us abut anti-entrapment equipment that will prevent limbs, hair or other body parts from being sucked into the pool drain.

Save Money by Remodeling

Did You Know Our Oldsmar Pool Contractor Offer Energy Efficiency?

An old pump uses 30 to 40 percent more energy when a standard pump is upgraded. Another energy saving idea is a pool cover to help keep the water luke warm and reduce evaporation from the hot Florida sun.

Explore all of our Oldsmar pool contractor options with us to choose the best look for your backyard, home and family.

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