Oldsmar Pool Contractor Tips for Buying Versus Renovating

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New and experienced homeowners will be faced with the reality one day of making the decision to upgrade or renovate their home. Inspiration can come from needing more space for your children as they get older or starting a new hobby of making upgrades one step at a time. Before you begin, there two questions you need to ask yourself – should you renovate or buy a new home? Here is our Oldsmar pool contractor tips and tricks to help you make it happen.

Get ready for an experience you will remember whether you decide to move or renovate. As the leading choice by customers as a Oldsmar pool contractor, our recommendation is to renovate if possible. The cost of selling and buying a house can be up to 10 per cent of the price of the house when moving costs and other expenses are calculated. For example, if you sell your house for $600,000 and decide to buy a new home for $900,000, your expenses will be close to $90,000, which includes a Real Estate agent’s commission, stamp duty, in addition to loan, legal and removal fees. This will result in a high capital loss when you sit down and review your overall expenses.

Oldsmar Pool Contractor Cost Effective Tips

Imagine a more cost-effective way to turn your home into the dream house you always wanted. Our Oldsmar pool contractor  will do the job the right way, and this means careful decision making on upgrades to avoid exceeding the average price of the houses in your neighborhood. The steps of buying a house are as simple as 1, 2, and 3, but let’s take a look at how to do a successful renovation.

  1. After you decided a budget, get the property inspected to ensure there is no structural damage and that it is capable of being renovated.
  2. A survey will ensure that the boundary pegs are in the right position. We have heard many times of renovation work that encroached on a neighbor’s property.
  3. Go the extra mile and complete research on the contractor/builder because we have heard many stories in our industry of customers experiencing unfortunate circumstances of faulty work with other companies.
  • A builder that takes their time to complete home renovations means paying a mortgage or rent for each month the time it takes to finally finish the work. The last thing you want to do is pay expensive bills for a builder to fix the mess.

The Oldsmar pool contracto

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