Swimming Pools and Staying Cool

As I stepped outside the other day, I gasped as the hot, humid summer air enveloped my whole body. It was not only 97 degrees in the shade, it was 94% humidity!

Mama Mia – it’s sooooo hot! If only I had my old swimming pool again! Why did I settle for a new house with no pool? Yes, I remember many days here in Clearwater, Florida just like this.

Now that I’ve lived in a house with a pool, and one without, I can tell you this – our next home WILL have a cool, blue swimming pool for sure.

I’m walking to my car and thinking, “If you looked up SAUNA in the dictionary, there would be a photo of Clearwater, Florida!”

Good heavens, I’m covered in sweat as I get into my car and flip on that life-saving air conditioner.  How did the old-timers ever survive in Florida before AC was invented? I’ll tell you how – swimming pools!

Wait a minute! Maybe we could keep this house and have someone build us a nice pool in the back yard. Sure, there’s plenty of room out there.

I asked around about who does good work with swimming pools. After talking with a bunch of friends, I decided that I wanted a top notched, work-of-art type pool this time.

So, I called Freestyle Pools & Spas. Now the only problem is – do we get a pool, a spa, or both? Well, anyway we go from here – I’m going get cooled down in these sizzling summers – in my own pool.

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