Giant Swimming Pools for Tampa

Hey pool-lovers – Check this out!

Last month the Tampa Bay Times reported, “Gigantic swimming pools called ‘Crystal Lagoons’ coming to Tampa Bay area”.

The Metro Development Group and Crystal Lagoons Corp. will be building four pools in the Tampa area, ranging in size from 5 to 10 acres each. The pools themselves will be similar in size as 4 to 7 football fields each. An Olympic-size swimming pool is only about 1/3 acre.

The four lagoons in the Metro communities will be accessible to about 10,000 homes each. People will be able to swim kayak, and paddleboard in the pools.

“There will be something for everybody in the family,” said Metro president Greg Singleton. “Beach cabanas for the adults, 6- to 8-foot-deep water for teens to do water sports, a zero-entry for the kids so they can walk out into water — all in the same lagoon.”

The pools will use high-tech methods of maintenance to insure they are always clean and healthy. Thousands of sensors will monitor water quality and levels day and night.

The first project will begin late this year on the old Epperson Ranch property in Pasco county.

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