Health benefits of having a pool or spa

Some cultures, such as the Japanese, have long realized the physical and psychological benefits of soaking in hot water. Now Americans are also discovering the pleasures and benefits of the hot tub and spa. Soaking in a hot tub can be soothing and relaxing. Its warmth relaxes muscles and promotes blood flow to the skin and in the limbs. Many people find that this comfortable experience helps them to rest and manage stress. Some find this to be energizing.


Some employers appreciate the benefits due to better quality of sleep that lead to fewer sick days. Pools or spas offers cardiovascular and health benefits to many members of the family, at different times in their lives. There is also another way to ease the pain and even accelerate the natural healing process; the warm massaging action of a well-designed spa. As muscles relax, pressure releases on the surrounding nerves and blood vessels, aiding in pain relief, working out in water will burn tons of calories – but feels like play.

When you exercise, your muscles develop, so your muscles will become stronger than prior to exercising. Just simply treading water vigorously can reduce 3 calories a mile per pound of the body weight. A 100lb person can swim leisurely for 30 minutes and burn 141 calories. In addition, water’s continuous resistance forces you to engage more muscles through a larger range of motion, so you are firm from every angle. Water exercise is the most widely recommended, low impact exercise that will not put too much stress on your bones or joints, which makes swimming the perfect exercise for all ages.

In conclusion, owning a pool can help you exercise more and exercise has many benefits. It can lower blood pressure, help strengthen muscles and help lose or maintain weight by burning excess calories.  It contributes to good mental health by keeping you socially active and helps improves digestion. So, don’t hesitate, call Freestyle Pool and Spa to get your custom design – with their state-of-the-art computer drawings an advanced 3D modeling software.



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