Transform Your Pool

We all been to that house where the swimming pool was not increasing its value; it was more like an eyesore.  Don’t despair, there are companies out there that can come to your home and by couple of remodeling ideas, can turn that blah to hah. Most importantly, they use state-of- the-art computer drawings and advanced 3D remodeling software. So you will be able to see what it will look like before they start. Amazing, right? You will also have the opportunity to discuss and decide on further options, details, and features.

Sometimes just changing the marble on the deck made a whole new look, but why stop there?  You can change the interior of the pool and give your pool a whole new look with matching tile deck.  I also saw landscaping being added to cover a boring fence or to give more of a natural dramatic feel to the space.  Replacing  the original coping edge with a modern material such as bullnose brick or tumbled marble , are some of the small things that can be done to improve the space. What do you think that would do to your home’s value?

Let’s say you want to reshape your pool, believe it or not that can be done as well. The most incredible change I seen was adding a spa and waterfall.  You can choose from a welcoming look, relaxing look, a refreshing look, an indulgence look, but the most fun is the entertainment look.  The entertainment look can include a swim up bar just like you enjoyed at your favorite vacation get away.  Or install an outdoor kitchen or tiki bar to compliment your poolside lifestyle. Bring a piece of nature in your backyard with a flowing waterfall cascading into your pool.

If you need to just change the tile or remove an unsightly ladder and install a swim-out, or you want a whole new Wow look and add a spa and a waterfall. With all the palm trees and gardens, natural rocks look. Freestyle is the company for you.  Don’t take our word for it read all the good reviews Tampa Bay and Angie’s list has to say about it.

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