Four quick tips for keeping your pool clean

Keeping your pool clean not only makes the experience of owning one more enjoyable, but helps you get more out of your investment as well. Here are some tips you can use to keep your pool clean that aren’t time consuming and can have a significant impact on the overall health of your pool as well.

Keep your chemicals stored out of the way of direct sunlight – believe it or not, keeping your chemicals out in the sunlight can have a negative effect that makes them less effective. Make sure you store them in a dark/shaded, cool place. That way – regardless of what you’re using them for – you can get more out of them.

Use your net before every usage – You’d be surprised at just how much stress you can take off a filter simply by running a quick skim of your net across the bottom and surface of your pool before you use it. Even if it’s just a few extra leaves, it’s a few extra leaves that could get stuck in a drain, filter or other apparatus. Add that debris up over the course of a summer and you’re looking at a significant difference.

Regularly empty out your skimmer basket – Skimmer baskets get gross fast. That’s why checking them weekly for debris is important. Simply empty them out and clean them with a garden hose if you want. That way, your pool’s water will flow better and the filter will run more efficiently. Also don’t forget the hair trap in the pump. It’s another place that can get grubby quick!

Always be mindful when cleaning the surrounding area – You’d be surprised at how fast a pool can get dirty because of not taking care of the area around it. Make sure that when you rake your leaves in the fall, that you make sure you get as many as possible in the vicinity of the pool. When you trim the weeds, be sure to be mindful of where they’re being distributed. You put a lot of work into balancing the levels in your pool, so be sure to take care of the area around it so you can keep it that way!

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