Six important questions to ask before getting estimate on your pool.

There isn’t a feeling in the world better than jumping into a pool when the heat’s pushing 100 and the humidity’s high. Even better, having your own pool means that it’s private, clean and always there when you need it the most. However, while having a pool has immense benefits, it’s also a responsibility.

We’d be delighted to build you a pool, but before you make the big purchase, be sure to think about a few things first. Things like:

Is my yard capable of having a pool?
Depending on the size and design of your pool, you’ll need to know whether or not you have the area to handle it. And trust us, there’s more to the pool than just the hole in the ground where the water goes. There’s lining to be laid, decks to be installed and pumps to be run. Make sure your yard is big enough and can handle it all!

What’s my budget?
You can only build what you can afford, but it’s also important to not max yourself out. Always leave room for unexpected events, cost overruns and the like. All it takes is one gigantic boulder or rock to change the scope of a project. While these aren’t common issues, they do happen from time to time, so it’s always advisable to protect yourself if they do. If they don’t – there’s a myriad of things you can use that money towards in and around your pool once the big dig has been completed!

What will it take to maintain my pool?
Pools aren’t a TON of work, but just like you take your dog for a walk and mow your lawn, there is a degree of maintenance involved. Keeping your pool water clear and inviting means checking your pool’s PH, chlorine and acidity levels routinely. Just like your grass starts to look hairy the longer you let it grow, the murkier your water can become if you’re not keeping up on maintaining it.

What will I use my pool for?

This is a huge part of the process. Will you be using the pool for exercise? Then maybe a longer pool is what you’ll want. Looking to have a place to hang out in? Then maybe something a little smaller will do just fine. Do you want a diving board or slide? Then perhaps you’ll have to dig deeper. Again, think of all the ways you’ll use your pool and take that into consideration when brainstorming a design.

Safety first
Pools are an absolute blast but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Yes, you’ll have to comply with your local codes and just like any other project at your house, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the appropriate permitting in place. Beyond that, you’ll want to make sure your pool is as safe as possible, too.

Above and In-ground pools all vary significantly in terms of the kinds of things you’ll need to keep them safe. Other factors like kids, pets and the like should also be considered. Lucky for you, though – there are a plethora of products you can purchase to take the edge off and ease any worries you might have. From alarms that go off when someone enters the pool to child-proof locks on gates, you’ll be able to make sure your pool is as safe as possible without much worry or expense. Just be sure you think it through.


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