Advantages of LED Pool Lighting

ledlightsOne of the great things about having a pool in Florida is that, much of the year, it’s warm enough to swim at night. And that means lighting is an important aspect of your pool.

The latest technology in pool lights is the LED (Light Emitting Diodes). These modern lights give off more light, yet use far less power than the old style halogen globes. In fact, you can have about 14 LED’s for the same energy used by one halogen light. Another advantage of LED lights is that they last twice as long as halogen lamps – up to 50,000 hours.

LED lights can be used around the pools to light the area, or to illuminate the water itself. These lights make swimming safer since people can see better.

You can use LED lights in the walls and on the pool surface to give it a unique look. These floating LED lights are great for the kids swimming at night and create more fun. You don’t have to worry about putting these lights in the water since they are waterproof and sealed. Just make sure that you are buying the LED lights from a good company and check the seals before using them. Resin seals are the best.

Unlike the old halogen lights that used colored lenses to create colors in the pool, LED lights come in up to 16 different colors. Instead of having to change lenses for halogen lights, the new colored LED’s can be set up to cycle through different colors or modes. You can control the lights through a central switch or you can use a remote switch to operate the lights.

To summarize, these are the advantages of LED pool lights over halogens;

  • much brighter light
  • use far less power
  • last twice as long
  • can be used in, on, or around the water
  • come in 16 colors
  • more convenient controls

To find out more about installing LED lighting in you pool, call Freestyle Pools at; 813-855-4040.

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