Turning Your Dream into A Swimming Pool

poolIt’s one thing to dream of that magnificent new swimming pool in the back yard, but making it a reality is another matter. Exactly how does one become the other? Obviously, it all starts with one phone call.

When you call Freestyle Pools & Spas to request a quote on a swimming pool, we understand how important this project is to you and your family. This is not like buying sofa or new curtains. After all, a new pool is a major improvement to any home.

First Meeting
Even though each project is unique, the general process of design and construction is similar. When you contact Freestyle Pools & Spas, we arrange to have one of our experts come to to your home and go over your vision of what you would like done. By carefully listening to you and taking notes, we gain a full understanding of what your backyard paradise will look like.

From Thoughts to Blueprints
Our team uses the information from that first meeting, along with the latest computer 3D modeling software, to create a detailed image of the plan. During this stage, we consult with you about various options, features, and details to refine the plan until you are completely satisfied. At this point, we have gone from your ideas, to an actual blueprint of your new pool area.

Choosing Your Materials
The next step is to choose the specific components that will be used in creating your swimming pool and surrounding areas. For this, most people visit our showroom where we keep samples of a wide variety of materials, from classic to contemporary. Like every step in the process, our experts will listen, consult and/or advise you to insure you end up with the very best results. At this point, the plans are finalized and approved by you.

Production Meeting
After getting the required construction permits, and going over these with our “fine-toothed combs”, we have a production meeting with the construction manager, production manager and owners of Freestyle, in which every aspect and detail of your project will be reviewed. This meeting allows us to smoothly transition from the design phase to the construction phase.

Meeting Your Construction Manager
Before we begin, you will meet with the Construction Manager to go over the actual construction process. We will keep you informed and answer your questions during the project, by your choice of phone or email. We will also provide you with our “Customer Care Manual” containing useful information covering each stage of the project.

When your swimming pool project is done, before you dive in, you’ll get a thorough orientation with our trained technician. And later on, should you have a question or concern about your pool, we’re always just a phone call away.

For more information call Freestyle Pools & Spas at  813-855-4040 or 727-466-9300.

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