Swimming Pool Adds Value to Your Home

swimpoolSome people think that adding a pool to your home can lower its value. But this is contrary to actual sales statistics (and common sense). When you place an ad to sell your home in the future, of all its features, the pool is what stands out the most. A pool makes a house look more attractive to buyers.

A recent study published by the National Association of Realtors backs that up. A real estate professor at Florida State University, G. Stacy Sirmans, Ph.D, took the sales data from more than 28,000 homes to see exactly what features contribute to the overall value of a home.

Of all the characteristics of a home, the study showed that a swimming pool was a major factor in how buyers shop for a house. Home buyers consider pools as “generally positive and significant.”

In the Tampa, Florida area, a pool increases the value of a home by up to 10 percent! But even more important than that, a pool gives your home a major advantage when you go to sell it.

Imagine a potential buyer, a couple shopping for their next home. They look at house after house (without pools). Then – they see your home – WITH A POOL! They can just see themselves enjoying a relaxing swim after work, entertaining friends, a barbecue around the pool in the summer. Oh Yeah – SOLD!

Of course, all pools are not equal. A low quality or poorly designed pool may not be so appealing to people. However, adding a high quality, well-designed swimming pool to your yard will most definitely raise the value of any Florida home.

Added Bonus: It will not only add value to your house, you also get to enjoy it yourself for as long as you own the home.

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